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Troubleshooting for Beginning Cake Poppers

Lollipop stick won't stick to the cake ball - This can be caused by a few things, but most often it is because the cake pops were not cooled enough before dipping or because the cake itself is too moist. Start with just a few Tablespoons of frosting or whatever binding agent you're using and then add more as needed (if the cake is still too crumby). Another way to prevent separation of the stick and cake is to dip the cake end of the lollipop stick into the melted chocolate, about one inch, and then insert into the cake. When that cools it will help keep the cake and stick attached.

Cake ball isn't staying a ball - If the cake ball won't hold its shape, it is because the cake is too moist (too much of binding agent) or not moist enough. Add more cake or other dry ingredients that could absorb some of the moisture (like cocoa powder for chocolate cake), or add more binding agent to increase moisture and get the cake to stick together.

Chocolate coating is cracking - This usually means the chocolate was heated to much before dipping, the cake pops were too cold before dipping, or the cake pops were coated unevenly. Don't freeze the cake pops before dipping into chocolate, refrigerate them. Also, make sure to heat chocolate slowly on a low flame. If your chocolate does crack, just pour a tad of melted chocolate over the crack to seal it.

Chocolate is thick and lumpy - This can happen if the chocolate is heated too quickly/at too high a temperature. Mix in a couple of teaspoons of canola oil, but be careful. If you keep adding more to get to the right consistency the chocolate may nor harden enough. Heating up a new batch of chocolate is also an option.

Cake pops are flat on top - If the cake ball is flat, it typically means that the coating was too soft or warm when you placed the cake pop onto the cookie sheet, stick end up. Once it has cooled that way, you can either leave them as is or add decorative elements that make it look intentional. To avoid this in the future, you can freeze the cake pops immediately after dipping; just have a Styrofoam block with holes ready to go in the freezer.

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